DIY Dining Table


Eeek – I’m super excited about this one folks! This table was a labor of love – it took us about 4 days to accomplish. We actually got the table together in 2 days of work and the staining/white washing is what took a little bit longer. Thanks to these Ana White Farmhouse Table Plans¬†we were able to create our dream table for just under $100. Holy smokes – compare that to the $1,000 tables I was drooling over and I will happily drool over this one any day! Plus, the fact that Dustin and I built it together is the perfect cherry on top to make it 110% extra special! Here are a few frames of the finished product. Stay tuned, because after these frames, I’ll share some more photos of the process and how it came together!


Okay, so now for a look at how we got the end product:

We did vary away from the plans we used online, but only by a little bit. We made our table just a little bit shorter in length (our dining room is on the small side so we didn’t want it jutting into our hallway) and we didn’t put the angled pieces of wood on the bottom. I wanted to simplify it, just a bit.

Staining is where I mainly came into the picture! Before doing anything, we sanded the heck out of the entire table and I applied a thin coat of wood conditioner so the stain and wood, would work together nicely! Wood conditioner prevents stain smudges and helps the stain go on a little more consistently. I then applied a super thin coat of Minwax’s Special Walnut. And by thin I mean – I would brush it on, then immediately wipe it off. After letting it dry for a few hours, I worked on white washing it. I just barely dipped my brush into the can, lightly brushed it on, then immediately wipe it off. After allowing the stain/white wash combo sit over night, I applied 2 coats of polyurethane for the finish. And just like that, we have a table!!



Plans – Anna White

Stain – Minwax “Special Walnut”

White Wash – Minwax “White Wash Pickling”

Tabletop Wood – Yellow Pine

Base Wood – White Pine