The Pioneer Woman’s Lodge

I honestly don’t even know where to start with this blog post about our trip to Pawhuska! A few months ago, Ree Drummond’s biggest fan, our girl Diane, heard through the grapevine (a.k.a Ree’s blog) that she was opening up tours of her Oklahoma Lodge! Yes, the same lodge where she does all of her filming for her show!!! We HAD to go. There was no question about it. So off we went to The Pioneer Woman Mercantile!

Annnnd, if you do not know who Ree Drummond is: 1. Where have you been? 2. I am prescribing you a dose to watch The Pioneer Woman on The Food Network channel and to make/eat her famous chocolate pie, her olive cheese bread, her queso dip, or pretty much anything she makes!!!


  1. Ree Drummond started her blog back in 2006 – blogging about her life as a mom, living on/managing their family ranch, and photography. A little later, she began taking photos of food she cooked and teaching her followers how to make her heavenly creations…the rest is history! If you have some time, thumb through some of her blog posts and I dare you not to laugh out loud – she is seriously HILARIOUS!! What I’m getting at here is, knowing her story and visiting the place where it all happened, developed into such a refreshing motivator for my own blog! I realized that not only do I have the opportunity to share memories I capture with my clients through my photog business, but I have full range to open up and let my followers/clients into my life so they can learn more about who I am!
  2. My expectation of her lodge was exceeded in so many ways – so many positive ways! To be honest, I expected to walk in and feel as if I was on the set of a TV show – everything staged and almost like it was fake. Don’t get me wrong, yes, it’s literally a picture perfect home but it didn’t seem like a museum to me. It was perfect in an emotional way. It felt like home…a home that is LIVED in. If you know me, you know I’m a complete neat freak, and the real life Monica Bing. Being in Ree’s lodge helped me realize, it’s okay if the pillows aren’t perfectly fluffed on the couch or if all the soap dispensers match! It will still be perfect because it’s OUR HOME. All in all, seeing their lodge helped me dumb down the craziness a little bit – my husband thanks you, Ree!!
  3. Last but probably one of the most important things I loved, was the memories I made with Kim, Diane, and Collyn. 99% of our time together was spent hysterically laughing (and the other 1% was spent sleeping, priorities). We laughed until we cried. We laughed until we almost threw up. We laughed until people starred. We just – laughed. This trip was nothing short of simply, a complete blessing.


WARNING: The photos you are about to see might cause intense drooling onto your computer/phone/tablet, intense urges to sell everything you have to just up and move to Pawhuska, Oklahoma, buy a bunch of land, and become a rancher. And p.s. Ree, if you’re reading this: WE LOVE YOU!